Windows in June

Throughout June I will be exhibiting in the Eyelines Murray Street windows as part of the Tasmanian Ceramics Association “Windows in June” multi mini exhibitions.

My work  in this exhibition comprises several groupings of  small porcelain vessels. The pinched forms are influenced by my childhood shell collection, and my fascination with their shape and pattern. The outsides are fluted, their seductive tactile quality enabling a cradling in the hand. “Nautilus” are unpatterned and pure, as are the shells. Some have a sea-like interior. “Conus” have intricate underglaze pencil external patterns, like the cone shells they are modelled on. The pears are constructed from 2 joined pinchpots.

The wheel thrown bottles and beakers are a tribute to the blue and white tableware of my childhood home, many of which were blue with white spots and or striped. Of all the dinnerware they were among my favourites.

A big THANKYOU to EYELINES for allowing me to use such a fabulous window for the whole of June. The work is viewed through the window, and any enquiries are via my email:

All work not held for viewers will be available in Off Centre, in Salamanca Art Centre from July.