Community Projects

My involvement in Ceramics in particular extends further than my own studio practice. I recognise the joy, satisfaction and relaxation that being immersed in clay can bring. I am asked from time to time to do workshops with carers, or with other groups, and can be contacted for information.

Alzhiemers Australia

From  2015 -2017  I was involved in art projects with Alzhiemers Australia.

It is immensely satisfying to work with a small group whose sole moment to moment concern is to be creative, without judgement and for the sheer pleasure of it.

Some of my most treasured moments are here:

At several day facilities for adults with dementia we had a wonderful time creating such self portraits. I had printed sheets with prints of various noses, ears, hair, eyes etc.

The head shape was drawn on paper and the eyes, nose etc that people identified as closest to theirs were cut out and glued to the face. The rest, including the background, was then painted.

This is one of my particular favourites.


One of the first things I did at Alzheimers Australia at the Vicarage was one of the things I used to do as a young girl.

Floral saucers are a wonderful involving and beautiful thing.

Saucers of sand, and rings of petals and tiny flowers.


“Pizza making” was quite a hit. All out of clay, and painted with acrylics after firing.

At lunch we had REAL pizzas!!

The Cuppatea Project

To this end I have developed a 3 session pottery project that I have taken to various Health Centres, Aged Care Centres and Community Houses. Called The Cuppatea Project, it has seen the making of 100’s of wonderful decorative cups made by people from all around Tasmania, most of whom have never touched clay before. If you or your organisation wish to look into the possibility of me taking this to your place please contact me.

Since I began the Cuppatea Project I have continued my teaching in various aged care and health care centres with smaller workshops involving the making and decorating of bowls in one session. This makes the project more affordable for groups. For further information contact me through this website.

Please note that the email address on this poster has been superseded by

Arts and Health Network

For anyone interested in connecting with others in this area your main person to contact is Jacquie Maginnis, whose work in this area is exemplary.

If you want to:

  • be connected to others who value creativity for itself and also for its capacity to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and  transform our communities
  • receive invitations to learning opportunities about arts health and wellbeing
  • find out about possible sources of funding and partnerships
  • share your knowledge with and learn from others and
  • be part of the exciting development of the national arts in health policy

contact Jacquie on

Tasmanian Ceramics Association Workshops

As  the past Workshop Officer for the Tasmanian Ceramics Association Inc I have facilitated the following:

  • July 2012 tour and talk by bronze sculptor Stephen Walker, viewing his exhibition in the Cat and Fiddle Arcade, Hobart.
  • Opening of Tasmanian Ceramics Association Annual Exhibition by Grace Cochrane, former curator of the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, and revered writer about Craft in Australia
  • An ART FORUM at the University of Tasmania with Grace Cochrane
  • A talk with Barbara Cauvin in the Sidespace Gallery during her exhibition
  • A workshop by Sandy Brown, artist, ceramicist and sculptor from U.K.  on 17th and 18th November, 2012.

For further information on these workshops  see the TCA website.

The workshop programme is organised by the TCA committee.


I have both facilitated a pottery workshop, volunteered as a mosaic workshop helper, and more recentlt taken a wonderful felting workshop.

What colourful and warm results!!