Terra Fiesta Feltworks

Several years ago I discovered felting. I had been making pots since the early 80’s, and the thought of creating art with a soft and light medium was very appealing. Far better for my back, I thought.

While my ceramics continued, in felting I had the choice of a huge range of  colourfully dyed merino wool as my palette, and the joy of making something one day and wearing it the next: very different from the making/ drying/ bisquing/ glazing/ firing of the pottery process.

Many of my felts combine other fibres and fabric with the merino fleece, such as silk. As with my pottery I enjoy creating patterns, and in this case patterns to be worn.  Ironically it IS hard on the back, with considerable rubbing, rolling and tossing before it is fully felted. The results though are worth the effort!